Scag Mower

The first Scag mower was introduced in 1983, under contract with Metalcraft of Mayville in Mayville, Wisconsin. Metalcraft then purchased all the rights of Scag Power Equipment in 1986, which marked the remarkable growth of the company.

Scag Power Equipment has become one of the largest independent manufacturers of commercial mowing equipment throughout the United States and started out as creators of gear-driver rider mowers. Today, the company already has more than 50 mower models and user-friendly accessories for great mowing performance.

The company boasts that being an independent Scag mower and lawn care manufacturer enables them to provide high-quality products because they can focus on turf care. Their design decisions are not compromised by a large corporate office that also produces other garden products like sprinklers or widgets. Instead, the whole Scag team focuses on coming up with ideas to design, manufacture and assemble the finest commercial-grade Scag mower to make the lives of their clients easier.

Every Scag mower is assembled by highly trained personnel who make use of the latest technologies like pulse air torque guns. The mowers are run for testing at the end of the assembly line to guarantee that the following steps are done: the engine RPM is set, fluids are filled, systems are checked for leaks, all safety switches are checked for proper operation, and neutral and tracking adjustments are set using special dynamometers that apply load to the drive system. This final run ensures that all the mowers are in best working conditions when they leave the factory.

lown_mowersScag gives back to the society by supporting various nonprofit organizations. It is a proud national sponsor of the Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever, which are dedicated to the enhancement and protection of quails, pheasants and other wildlife populations in North America. The activities of these organizations are public awareness, habitat improvement and land management, among others.

Another organization that Scag supports is the Disabled American Veterans (DAV), which was founded in 1920 and chartered by the U.S. Congress in 1932. This is devoted to build better lives for the nation’s disabled veterans and their families.

Scag is the official mower of Road America, one of the country’s largest outdoor race facilities. This means that every lawn mower that it uses is a Scag mower. Scag mowers are perfect for the 600-acre facility. Also, Scag is the official mower of the American Speed Association Midwest Tour (ASAMT) that hosts approximately twelve races across the upper Midwest.