Scag Mower Prices

Scag mower prices, as well as the models and features should be considered before buying your lawn mower. The brand is one of the most popular in the turf industry, which was founded in Mayville, Wisconsin, in 1983. Scag is currently the biggest independent commercial manufacturer of mowers in the United States and has already produced over 50 models.

Scag mower prices are justifiable since they use engines with high horse power and serious torque, helping users finish their mowing jobs faster. Users are also assured to have comfortable and pleasurable mowing through adjustable seats, ergonomic handles and over-sized foot pedals.

Scag is very popular among professional mowing businesses, as well as to homeowners. The brand is recognized for its value for safety because of its top-of-the-line safety features like the roll over protection system (ROPS) installed on all riding mowers.  To also prevent imbalance on steep terrains, these mowers are designed with a low center of gravity.

Scag mower prices are slightly higher than other brands because of their great horsepower and large sizes. The prices of these mowers are between 5,999 and 17,000 U.S. dollars. For discounted prices, there are Internet shops that offer second hand Scag mowers. Some pre-owned mowers on these sites are often discounted at up to 75 percent of RRP, which is a substantial difference in the upfront cost. Scag models that are more than three years old tend to have lesser retail values. The older the mower, the lesser it costs.

Scag is known for its powerful and efficient zero-turn (ZTR) mowers. The most popular ZTR mowers are Turf Tiger, Wildcat, Freedom Z and Tiger Cub. Scag also has two non zero turn models: the STHM, which is a three-wheel rider and the SW, which is a fixed-deck belt drive.  The brand does not make stand-on or surfer lawn mowers model. However, they have a walk-behind attachment that allows users to stand on the back of the mower while mowing.

For more reliable sources of Scag mower prices, go to a local mower dealer.  Scag dealers can give you up-to-date mower prices and availability. They can also give you the necessary information you need in buying turf mower models, parts, and accessories.  Remember that the price of mowers varies from dealer to dealer.

Scag mower prices are competitive because they have the lowest down-time record in the mower market, having the lowest maintenance and repair costs. Since Scag uses high quality and heavy-duty equipment and parts, their machines last for a long time. This may be a reason why a lot of people prefer buying pre-owned Scag mowers.